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With Houston's affluent communities and outstanding way of life, luxury living is the key for many residents. Houston's real estate market is extremely diverse, making it possible to find a home that reflects your own personal style. Whether it's a starter townhome or a single-family house, each residence offers homes designed from the highest quality materials available.

Due to the closeness to financial centers and cultural attractions, living in Houston provides luxurious, yet convenient opportunities for everyone. Both long-time Texans and newcomers alike will enjoy higher-end amenities, craftsmanship, and sophistication all in one private sanctuary. For anyone looking for luxury living in one of America's greatest cities - Houston awaits!

Living in Houston

Moving to and living in Houston, TX is an exciting prospect not just for the diversity of culture, top-notch restaurants, and growing business district, but also for its gorgeous homes, meticulously landscaped neighborhoods, and access to some of the finest golf courses in Houston.

Whether you're a fan of gated communities or sprawling mansions, premier home builders will ensure that each home meets your needs and exceeds expectations.

If education is important to you, Houston is overflowing with some of the best private schools in Texas, many of which are located within the city's most opulent neighborhoods.

Put all those features together and there's no denying Houston provides the ultimate backdrop to enjoy city life while still maintaining a sense of peace and privacy.

Listed below are some of the most luxurious neighborhoods in Houston, Texas.

River Oaks

Houston's prosperous River Oaks neighborhood is one of the most wealthy, high-end areas in the entire city. Located just three miles west of downtown, this neighborhood has been around since the 1920s and is a prime locale for real estate. It includes a grand range of architectural styles from American Colonial to English Tudor, contemporary and classic all reflecting spectacular distinction.

Homes are bursting with character and elegance, with prices ranging from $2.5M to $15M depending on the size and quality of the mansion. In addition, River Oaks District and The Galleria are just around the corner offering impressive shopping experiences along with world-renowned entertainment venues.

Living in River Oaks also provides some of Houston's best public, private, and parochial educational opportunities all nearby. This area stands out among many in Houston not only for its resources and beauty but for its advantageous location as well.

Public Schools within the River Oaks area include:

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West University Place

Welcome to West University Place, also known as ‘West U’ – one of Houston's most desirable and exclusive neighborhoods. This affluent inner-city neighborhood, just one mile from Rice University and 20 minutes from Downtown Houston, offers an unexpected appeal that makes it an idyllic home both for families and young professionals alike.

Discover a cozy atmosphere where sun-soaked tree-lined streets complement the classic architecture and upmarket housing. West University Place is an enticing place where grand estates and luxurious properties, as well as a dynamic array of shopping, dining, and entertainment options, make this the perfect spot for anyone wanting to experience high-end living in Houston.

Take advantage of the expansive parks system and the incredible swimming pool featured at the neighborhood rec center. There you will also have the chance to participate in a variety of amazing programs that are suitable for all ages.

With a median home value of approximately $1.6M, living here does come with a price tag but also a quality of life that is simply second to none.

Public Schools in the West University Place area include:

Afton Oaks

Afton Oaks is a well-known Inner Loop Houston neighborhood named for its famed Live Oak Trees and pedestrian-friendly streets. Developed in 1951, this lovely community maintains a quaint neighborly lifestyle and encompasses approximately 525 homes - a solid mix of updated ranch-style homes as well as many new construction properties.

The immaculate lawns, colorful gardens, and charming tree canopies combine to create a truly beautiful setting that is only magnified by the stunning homes. All this while still having all the benefits of living in the city, with proximity to many cultural, professional, and retail destinations of Houston.

Services are provided to the neighborhood through the Afton Oaks Civic Club which includes around-the-clock patrol services, common area maintenance, and other significant amenities. The primary role of the club is to protect and promote the real estate values of the Afton Oaks area by maintaining high community standards.

Public Schools in the Afton Oaks area include:

Houston Historic Neighborhood: Boulevard Oaks

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Highland Village

Nestled inside the 610 loops, Highland Village boasts one of Houston’s most sought-after locations. With old and new single-family homes and townhomes, this pocket community provides sophisticated living in a tightly limited area. It is extremely convenient with quick access to major roads and freeways, as well as the popular Greenway Plaza.

It is even better news that Highland Village has an extremely strong HOA involvement, meaning that architectural guidelines, deed restrictions, and landscaping rules must be maintained to keep the area up-to-date and attractive.

The first houses here were built in the early 1950s so while it appears deceptively modern on the outside, the neighborhood has witnessed some major historical events in its lifetime. And if you have school-aged children you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to top-notch private schools including Kinkaid School or St.John's School - perfect for growing minds!

Public Schools in the Highlands Village area include:

As you can see Houston's luxury real estate market is there for the taking, with plenty of options for both families and young professionals alike. Just because you are looking for upscale living, doesn't mean you have to sacrifice convenience and access to the best of Houston. And while living in one of these amazing reputable communities will come at a premium, you can be sure of one thing - it will be worth every penny! are highly knowledgeable real estate specialists committed to creating a memorable experience for every client. Buying and selling homes is their specialty and strive to make your house hunt or home selling enjoyable through every step of the transaction.