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Sept. 22, 2017

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Aug. 23, 2017

5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Lower Your Selling Price

5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Lower Your Selling Price

As a seller, your goal is to get top dollar for your home. Who wouldn’t? So you set the selling price at a rate that is suitable for you and your family with a few percentage set for profit.

Now you wait for offers.

What does it mean when, after a couple of months, the only offers you get are mostly low-ball rates?

There are many factors that come into play. But it is highly likely that your selling price is too high.

Not convinced?

There are plenty of indications that you may need to lower the price you set for your property. You just need to find out what they are.

Signs Your Selling Price Is Too High

  1. High traffic but no offers


Yes, you’re not getting any offers for your home and that’s obviously a clear sign that no one’s interested, right? Not exactly. You should definitely dig deeper when you get high traffic during open houses and private showings and you have yet to receive an offer. High traffic indicates that people find your property appealing but the asking price is simply too high.

There are also cases when there are no scheduled showings because local brokers think the property is overpriced and are not showing it to their clients. Real estate agents suggest that you should reduce the selling price if a month has passed without a scheduled showing.

  1. Comparable homes are cheaper


It is textbook practice for any seller and real estate agent to compare prices with other homes in the area that are being sold. Do take the time to check what the average price is in your area and determine if your property’s price falls within the same range. Check properties in the vicinity that are sporting new home designs as well. If your home is priced much higher than neighboring properties, you’re likely to be scaring off buyers.


Visit real estate listings online to determine prices of comparable homes in your area. Make sure to use specific criteria when making comparisons, such as approximate square footage and the number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

You should also visit open houses to get a feel of what you could do better in your own public or private showing. Follow the progress of each sale until a property is sold.

  1. Multiple low ball offers

In a buyer’s market where inventory is high, one or two low ball offers should be expected. If this is not the case with your property, however, and all you ever get is one low ball offer after another, you should re-assess your property price.

It is possible that the offer you receive seems pretty low than what you expect but is actually within an acceptable range. You should adjust your selling price accordingly to make it more competitive.

  1. New construction rivals

When you’re selling your home, you not only need to keep an eye out for other houses in your neighborhood but also new construction options. If they are within your price, competing can be a real challenge.

New construction of apartments and condominiums are often a buyer’s first choice as they are brand new, which makes them tough to compete with. Furthermore, brand new properties are often offered with incentives to potential buyers.

If there are new constructions in the area, you should lower your asking price.

  1. Priced for unique amenities with no broad appeal

Did you price your home because of the indoor badminton court or platinum faucets in the kitchen and bathroom? Regardless of how fond you and your family are about those unique amenities, not everyone may share your opinion. Other buyers couldn’t care less about those platinum faucets.

More often than not, the more customized the home is the less likely a seller will see their value in sales price. This is why experts recommend to renovate wisely and to keep unique amenities to a minimum unless you see yourself living in the same house for the next 10 to 20 years.

Overall, there are different factors that can keep your property on the market for multiple months with or without offers. But if one or all five of these signs are evident in your own situation, you should reduce your selling price. There’s no point in sticking to the price you set if you don’t get any offers.

March 27, 2017

Guide to Living in Rice Military

rice military


There’s no denying the fact I am head-over-heals in love with Rice Military. Between the delicious restaurants, beautiful places to spend time outside, and the variety of activities always going on, I would venture to say it’s the best neighborhood to live in Houston. While Rice Military “proper” is not large, there are a plethora of places to go and people to see in and around the neighborhood.


rice military




The street that defines the north boarder of Rice Military, Washington Avenue, has more restaurants and bars than you could imagine! The best part is there is a huge selection of cuisines – I’m talking Asian, Mexican, American, Mediterranean, and more. On top of that, there’s also a great selection of casual/midscale/upscale options. Truthfully, I could eat every meal on Washington Ave for a month and never get bored!


Some of my favorite restaurants on Washington Ave are:


Molina’s – A casual Mexican restaurant with “sneak-up-on-you” margaritas. 99.9 % of the time we opt to sit in the bar – the vibe in there is super laid back and easy going. You can find me 2-3 times per month at Molina’s eating the CW Special and drinking a house margarita on the rocks.


Soma – A midscale sushi restaurant with one of Oakley’s favorite rolls, the Crazy Irishman (Or has he likes to call it, the Flying Dutchman – haha!). Soma has happy hour every single day – Sunday: all day; Monday: 4:00-10:00; Tuesday – Saturday: 4:00-7:00. Their happy hour menu is one of my favorites, and I find myself always suggesting it when I’m going to dinner with my girl friends. It has a variety of appetizers, rolls, and of course, drinks!


J Black’s – A dog-friendly bar with a good menu and great outdoor seating. I love going to J Black’s on a pretty Saturday to get a few drinks. You can expect to find a bunch of young professionals celebrating the weekend with their friends and dogs! They usually have drink specials during the day on Saturdays and Sundays, so make sure to take advantage of that!


For more info on restaurants in and around Rice Military, click here!




Rice Military is right between two of the best outdoor areas in Houston – Memorial Park and Buffalo Bayou. If you find yourself with nothing to do on a beautiful afternoon, you’ll want to head on over to one of these spots.  


Buffalo Bayou – Over the past few years, the city of Houston has put a lot of time and money into making Buffalo Bayou as beautiful as it is today! Not only is it beautiful, but it also has fun amenities such as a dog park, sand volleyball courts, and a skate park. The bayou trails run all the way to downtown with beautiful views of the city along the way.


Memorial Park – Never expect to be bored while at Memorial Park. It has a three-mile running loop, bike trails, playgrounds, and a public golf course. In addition to all that fun stuff, it also has a Beck’s Prime (my FAVORITE burger restaurant) with inside and outside seating. So guess what that means? You can bring your dog!  


For more on good running spots in the Rice Military area, check out this post!




While I’m not at a point in life where I, personally, am thinking about schools for my future children, I have plenty of friends who are; therefore, I know this is an important factor that should be considered when gauging the awesome-ness of a neighborhood. Luckily, there are many different options for schools in and around the Rice Military area.


    • Public schools in Rice Military: Crockett Elementary, Harvard Elementary, Memorial Elementary, Houston Heights Learning Academy, Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice High School

    • Private schools in Rice Military: St. Teresa Catholic School, St. Thomas High School, Trinity Lutheran School

    • Other schools close to Rice Military: Lamar High School, Regan High School, Love Elementary, Hogg Middle School, and Harper Alternative School


I could go on and on about all of the reasons I love living in Rice Military. It’s truly a great place to live for anyone who wants to be close to the city, but have a neighborhood atmosphere. There’s always something to do for any type of interest – if you want to shop, you have the River Oaks shopping center; if you want to join a club, go to Kung Fu on a Wednesday night and join their running club; if you want to have a nice dinner, go to Backstreet.


And there you have it - I hope you’ve had fun getting to know a little more about Rice Military! If you have any thoughts/questions, please feel free to reach out to me via any of these outlets!


This post was written by Rice Military neighbor, Kaitlin Cuevas from www.kedgotwed.com.

Feb. 28, 2017

Best Coworking Spaces in Houston

Are you moving to Houston, TX and looking to for a reasonably priced co-working space to start or grow your company? Here is our ultimate guide to the best co-working spots in and around Houston!

P.S. I'm born and raised in Houston and would be happy to help you find a great home to buy or apartment/home to rent (for absolutely no cost to you), just give me a call/text 832-656-1932 or email mike@houston-neighborhoods.com. Welcome to Houston!

 wework nyc houston coworking spaces

START Houston is located in EaDo, near downtown. START regularly hosts many popular meetups every month including demo day on the fourth Wednesday of every month. START also has an investor network group which has provided some angel and seed funding for Houston startups. START has been the home of popular national/global startups when they moved to Houston including Uber, GrubHub, and more. START, one of the most established and older co-working spaces in Houston is located at 1121 Delano St, 77003 and membership starts at $49 per month.

HTC has been recognized by Forbes and other publications as one of the largest tech and business incubators and accelerators in Texas. HTC's goal is advancing and commercializing new technologies, ideas, companies, and entrepreneurship. HTC is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and supported by more than 300 of Houston's leading companies and academic institutions, including the Texas Medical center, NASA - Johnson Space Center, the City of Houston, and the Greater Houston Partnership. Over 93 companies have graduated from HTC and more than $2.5 billion has been raised by HTC clients and graduates. HTC is located in Midtown Houston at 410 Pierce Street, 77002 and membership starts at $150 per month.

  • WeWork (Coming soon to Houston!)

The Houston Business Journal recently reported that WeWork will be opening an office in Downtown Houston later this year. WeWork membership starts at $45 per month and desks start at around $220 per month. WeWork is believed to be opening in 708 Main, a historic downtown building that's currently being renovated by Houston-based Midway Cos. and Lionstone Investments.

  • Level Office

 Level Office has two co-working locations in Downtown Houston that are quiet, clean, and affordable. Spaces range from $700 to thousands per month depending on square footage. For those that need scalability, a downtown address, or an on-site admin, Level Office might be a great choice! Level is located at 720 Rusk and 405 Main St.

  • Headquarters

Headquarters, a new shared office concept in Houston's East End markets itself as the small office style space with the amenities, perks, and environment of a company headquarters. I toured Headquarters recently and their renovation of Houston's "color wall" on Canal is really amazing and office spaces vary in size but all tenants enjoy common outside areas, meeting rooms, "huddle spaces", game rooms, kitchens, and more. Headquarters is located at 3302 Canal St 77003.

  • Station Houston 

Station Houston, a very popular co-working space, recently moved into the old Deutsche Bank trading floor at 1301 Fannin St in Downtown Houston after out growing a space in West Grey/Montrose area of Houston. Station Houston is well known for giving its entrepreneur members access to mentors across a wide variety of specialties and industries. Station often has months packed full of varying events. Community membership starts at $250/year and drop in access starts at $250 per month.


Other great coworking spots in Houston:

  • Wi+CoWork - located in Midtown
  • The Work Lodge
  • The CoWork Lab - located in the Heights
  • TX/RX - offering co-working and classes in 3D printing, soldering, and more, located in the East End
  • Sharespace (this is actually now an event space, located in East End/Downtown and Heights)
  • SerendipityLabs - coming soon, located Downtown
  • TMCx - a huge healthcare and biomedical accelerator advancing the development of health and medical technology companies by connecting visionary entrepreneurs to the abundant resources of the Texas Medical Center
  • Looking for work space by the month, week, day, or even hourly? Try LiquidSpace 

Other Houston Startup resources include the following:

Are we missing any Houston co-working spots? Let us know in the comments below!

Feb. 6, 2017

Living in Spring, Texas - where a bit of the old west still remains

Are you coming to visit me? You should! I live in Spring, Texas

Spring, Texas - originally home to the Orcoquiza Native Americans until 1836, would eventually evolve into a trading post on the Spring Creek and then grow into a bustling town filled with German immigrants who transformed Spring into a farming town  - largely in due to the riches and resources of Carl Wunshce and Gus Bayer. Bonnie & Clyde even robbed a bank in Old Town Spring, once. So you know it was a happening place to be! LOL! 

spring loose caboose

Spring, Texas - today - is a bustling north suburb of Houston, Texas.  Spring is 35 - 55 mins from downtown Houston.  Our little slice of residential nirvana is accessible via the 45-North, Hardy Toll Road and Grand Parkway - 99. There are a plethora of ways to get here and Spring is a vast township of Harris County. 

What's amazing and fabulous in Spring, you ask? 

Shopping in Old Town Spring

Summer time at Wet-N-Wild Splashtown Water Park

Colombian cuisine at La Olla (Spring Location)

The beautiful Mercer Arboretum and Trails

Gastro-Magic at the one and only Smashburger on Cypresswood Drive

The lovely grocers and customer service at HEB Spring Market on FM2920

The Baldwin Boettcher Branch Library

spring historical museum

Spring is predominantly a family town.  The township is large enough that Spring residents are privy to schools in the Spring ISD, Klien ISD or Conroe Independent School District (click on each link to find homes for sale in each school district) depending on where your address falls in the zone. In addition to 3 public ISD(s), there are 17 private schools available in the area. We are even lucky enough to have two of the best North Harris County libraries on either end of the township / suburb: Baldwin Boettcher and the Barbara Bush Library. 

And let me not forget that we are the hometown of:  Simone Biles, American artistic gymnast - Olympic All Around Champion, 5x Olympic medalist, 4x Olympic gold medalist, 3x World All-Around Champion and 10x gold medal winner; resides in Spring, TX and Jim Parsons, actor - The Big Bang Theory; who graduated from Klein Oak High School.

So, if you are in the mood for a bit of the Old West, come to Spring, Texas.  We'd be happy to have you! 

spring texas store


This insanely biased guest blog post ;-) was written by @EfabulousHB -blogger for the #Mommyfab [project] at http://www.EfabulousHB.com.  You can find her musing there on the web or via instagram at http://www.instagram.com/EfabulousHB


Feb. 6, 2017

The Insiders Guide to Living in The Woodlands

Our guest blog this week comes from Mrs. Hines Class in The Woodlands! When we moved to The Woodlands in 2001, we were delighted to discover so many amenities like the 14 outstanding pools throughout the villages, over 160 miles of pathways and trails, easily accessible shopping centers in every village, various recreational and sports parks and exemplary schools. 

We quickly got seasonal pool passes. And as a young mother without a car at the time, I took advantage of the trails to take my then toddler to play at the park, splash around the kiddie pool and even to get to the grocery store in my village shopping center. 

Over the years, we’ve hosted birthday parties under park pavilions, watched fourth of July parades, attended concerts from the hill, cheered on marathon runners, participated in Christmas tree lighting ceremonies, attempted ice skating all right here in our community.

Now that our daughter is a senior at The Woodlands High School and we’ve moved into a different village, our life has slowed down a bit. We take advantage of our surroundings by sitting on park benches and watching to waterfalls or rocking on our front porch and listening to crickets, seeing the occasional glow of a lightning bug and gazing at the bright, shining stars, courtesy of living in the midst of nature. 

the woodlands waterfall

We never tire of seeing a herd of deer at the edge of the woods, always slowing down to count them and hopefully not scare them away. 

Throughout all our years here, we’ve always taken advantage of the extensive dining options, enjoying fine dining at Jasper’s, Perry’s and Kirby’s for special occasions as well as casual dining at Rico’s or Chili’s with friends after church. 

Since we’ve moved here, a bustling restaurant scene including popular pubs and a roof-top wine lounge popped up along The Woodlands Waterway. One of my favorites is Goose’s Acre which overlooks the water and hosts a champagne brunch on Sundays. 

The best reward of living in The Woodlands is the small town atmosphere. Local restaurant owners calling us by name, running into people you know at the grocery store, having friendships that span our fifteen years in The Woodlands, sharing the same family doctor as many of our friends...it provides a deep rooted sense of community. 

houses in the woodlands

And it makes us happy to say that two houses and 15 years later, we continue to call The Woodlands home. 



Jan. 30, 2017

Guide to Cypress Falls living in Katy, TX

Today we welcome Francisca from LivinginExpensively for the insider guide to living in Cypress Falls near Katy.


I live in the Cypress Falls subdivision in Katy, Texas (it is located at the intersection of Barker Cypress & West Little York). I have lived in this area since 2012 and I absolutely love it. There are restaurants, grocery stores, and fun places to visit within walking/driving distance. We are also zoned to Cy-Fair School District, which is a great district.


My subdivision is quiet, I have great neighbors (we watch out for each other), and there are walking trails around the neighborhood, which makes for a great stroll, exercising and pet walking. There is also a playground for kids with swings and slides.  Our trash days are Tuesdays and Fridays and Recycle day is every Friday. There is a site called “next door” and active Facebook groups that we are a part of where residents can ask questions, sell things, look for services, report concerns or crimes which really helps us stay in touch and makes us aware of what is going on in our area.


During the holidays, we have a great time because residents show a lot of holiday spirit.  Houses are always beautifully decorated for Christmas and during Halloween, a lot of residents participate in trick-or treat, which makes the kids happy.


Our HOA is also great. They send information in a timely manner through email and paper mail and also have meetings often to keep residents updated on what’s going on in the area.  There is a Wal-Mart, Kroger, Michoacana, and Aldi grocery store within close proximity and a lot of restaurants like Waffle House, Wendy’s, Subway, Jack-in-the-box, marble Slab ice cream, Zaxbys etc. Lone Star College is also a few miles away.


Most importantly and finally, Cypress Falls is safe. Since I have lived here, I have never had any break in or theft or any problems with security. There is usually a patrol car or a police car that drives around which helps a lot. I love living in Cypress Falls and hope to see you around the nighborhood!


Jan. 30, 2017

Be in the Middle of It All in League City, Texas


League City, Texas sits just 27 miles from Houston. With its' close proximity to Houston as well as it being just over 20 miles from Galveston and a short drive to the attractions in Kemah, League City is a place where you can be in the middle of it all. 


League City is part of the Clear Creek Independent School District which is among the best in the Houston area. Four of its' schools were ranked among the top schools by U.S. News and World Reports. The students perform above state and national average on SAT and ACT testing. The district's Education Village is the only one is Texas to include kindergarten through 12th grade. The Village offers the students opportunities to get technical certification in welding, pharmacy tech, and certified nursing assistant,  among others. 

Dining Out 

League City offers many choices when dining out. Red River Bar-b-Que Company is a popular choice for locals. Their menu includes bar-b-que as well as steaks, burgers, stuffed baked potatoes and a salad bar. Red Oak Cafe serves breakfast and lunch. It is a great option for paninis, sandwiches, salads and banana pudding. Texans love our Mexican restaurants and that can be found at Mr. Sombrero. 

league city utmb hospitals


The League City area is growing rapidly. Home construction has been nonstop as well as construction for commercial spaces. UTMB opened the first full-service hospital in League City in 2016. Plans for a second UTMB tower for ICU, diagnostic care, and an expanded procedural area are going forward. As well as UTMB another major player in the healthcare field, MD Anderson, is building a $112 million facility to open by 2018. 

league city tuscan lakesAmenities 

With many master planned communities in League City,  there is no shortage of amenities here. One such community, Tuscan Lakes, features hike and bike trails amongst Italian cypress trees, a pool with a splash pad and organized activities for the residents. 

league city south shore harbour

Another of the larger master planned communities in League City is South Shore Harbour.  This area includes hike and bike trails, tennis courts, swimming pools, and activities. Golfers will enjoy the course at the South Shore Harbour Country Club. For those who prefer to be on the water, South Shore Harbor Marina could be your retreat. 

league city marina

league city

Other Places of Note

The League City Main Street Historic District is a quaint part of town featuring parks and independent boutiques. Gifts for the home as well as clothing can be found in the shops here. 

Big League Dreams Park hosts youth baseball as well as adult leagues. Participants have the opportunity to play in replicas of stadiums such as Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium.

If looking for a place to live that is close to everything the area has to offer, yet wanting to be just outside Houston give League City a look.  I can assure you that you will not be disappointed 

Heather loves League City! Guest blog post by Heather at ChannellingDolly!

Find the newest League City Real Estate for Sale 

Jan. 30, 2017

Living in Alvin, TX

If you don't know about baseball legend Nolan Ryan, Yellow Jacket football on Friday nights, and what a tortilla burger is, then you're not from Alvin, TX.

Amidst the cute little old homes and family run businesses, lies the quintessential American small town of Alvin, Texas. What this town lacks in big city amenities, it more than makes up for in quaintness and charm. 
alvin tx real estate

Located halfway between Houston and Galveston, Alvin is a place known for its " good ol' boys" and farming. While we definitely have our share of both, I thought I'd show you an insider's perspective on my home town. Fun fact: I have lived in the Manvel/Alvin area my entire life. People always comment how weird that is I've never moved away from the area (and if you had asked me when I was in high school where I was going to live, it certainly wasn't here), yet as I've gotten older I've realized how much I love raising a family here. I love taking my kids to homecoming parades and seeing smiling familiar faces. I love that if someone's last name is Stanton, Froberg, or Saladino, you know exactly who they are. I love that my parents live down the road and I get to see them as much as I like. I love that my kids' teachers care for my kids like their own. I love that if you have car trouble, you'll have a line of people pulling their own cars over in order to help you. This place is home. So for those of you that aren't from around here, I thought I'd give you a tour.

First and foremost, there are plenty of food choices. Alvin has grown so much over the years, and a lot of chain restaurants have moved in. But my favorite places to eat will always be those family owned, hole in the wall restaurants. Some of my favorites are Tacos.com (for breakfast tacos), Tomasso's (for pizza), and Joe's BBQ. A great place to have a drink or two and enjoy some libations is Gordon Street Tavern. It's the perfect relaxing spot to have a cocktail and enjoy live music on the patio. If it's summertime, you can't miss getting a refreshing snow cone at Sno Country or froyo at The Frozen Spoon. Alvin has also stepped up their game by having some tasty food trucks like Blue House CoffeeCorey's Kitchen, and Tin Can BBQ in the area.

Want to make your own food at home? Don't forget to stop by Froberg's Farm for fresh produce (and pick your own strawberry patches) or go get other necessities at Stanton's. Stanton's sells groceries and hardware, and a lot of the time if Home Depot doesn't have something, Stanton's does.

The Alvin area has so much to offer people of all ages, but if you have kids, this is the place to be. There are countless activities to get your kiddos involved in like daddy-daughter dances, summertime swim nights, blanket bingo in the park, parades (homecoming, Christmas, you name it), festivals (Crawfest, Home for the Holidays, Frontier Day, the Trick or Treat Trail, Alvin Music Fest, etc) , a skateboard park, story time at the library, and countless activities provided by the YMCAKnights of Columbus, and the Parks & Recreation Department. Want to go to the zoo but don't want to fight the Herman Park traffic? Try out Bayou Wildlife Zoo! There's countless city and county parks, a disc golf coursedance studiosmartial arts training, and even fencing classes!

But what's there to do for the adults, you ask? Plenty! Try your hand at some craft projects at Gander Studios or DaVinci Maker Labs. Or is roller derby more your style? We have that too! We also have a bowling alley, so many antique stores I can't count them all, a roller skating rink, a farmer's market once a month, a dog park, activities for the older folks at the Senior Center, an adult flag football league, camping and cabins at Camp MohawkWellborne Cinema (and there's rumors of them opening a drive in movie out here soon as well). Getting married? How about you check out Oakwind Bed & Breakfast or Morgan Falls

This little town of mine has old churches, walking trails, old school barber shops, and police officers so kind that they will pull you over just to tell you that they saw your headlight go out (true story - this happened to me).

Come out to Alvin and see what we're all about. We'd love to have you!

Stacy loves Alvin! This blog is a guest post from Stacy at Hurried Hostess

alvin, tx park
alvin tx community college
alvin tx yellow jacket
alvin tx nolan ryan
alvin tx food truck
alvin tx skate park



Jan. 30, 2017

Living in Hilshire Village, Houston, Texas

Hilshire Village is a city in Harris County, Texas. It is the smallest of the Memorial Villages in terms of area.

In the 1940’s Frank Bruess and his mother left Missouri, entered Texas and purchased 30 acres of land in his state. Bruess read about a country estate in Hillshire, England and fell in love with the name and decided to call his development Hilshire Village, dropping off the extra l. On April 15, 1955, Hillshire Village was officially incorporated.

Living in Hilshire Village Houston TX

The area is surrounding by beautiful homes and in the past few years newer homes have gone up. The majority of households are married couples with children under the age of 18. The area has a lot of great parks for families to enjoy time outside. There is also large population of those 65 and older who live alone.

Hilshire Village is located in District 136 of the Texas House of Representatives It is in the 7th congressional district.

If you are looking for great schools, you can look know further than Hilshire Village, which is served by Spring Branch Independent School District. Hilshire Village is zoned to Bear Boulevard School  in Spring Valley Village. Valley Oaks Elementary School in Spring Branch Houston, Spring Branch Middle School in Hedwig Village and Memorial High School in Hedwig, Village. These are all great schools and have a great attendance record.

If you are looking for a private school they have School of the Woods which is located in Hilshire Village and one of the two campuses of the Monarch School in Houston area. The city is served by the Houston Community College System. The area newspaper is the Houston Chronicle.

It is a wonderful location to start a family and be part of a quiet neighborhood and still not be out of the city limits.