So you’re imagining your new dream home in Houston. Or maybe you’re planning on moving soon (if it would help, here are some Houston movers that can make the transition fast and easy). And what better way to daydream about your future Texan home than to imagine an experienced interior designer like Joanna Gaines decorating it for you? 


The Gaines’ Farmhouse is the quintessential country-feel Texan home, full of rustic character and a comforting homey feel. But since hiring Chip and Joanna as personal decorators might not be in your budget, we have another solution for you. Below, we’ll dive into 5 interior design hacks that will give your new Houston home that same Gaines charm. 


#1: Balance function with form

You may have heard Joanna utter these wise interior-designer words time and again. But Joanna’s dedication to creating practical spaces that are also aesthetic and expressive is what makes her one of the best. 


In her own home, Joanna has collected old instruments, she’s used antique farm equipment, road signs, reclaimed wood, and scrapped brick. But these pieces don’t pile up and sit in corners or on shelves. Instead, each piece is functional. When you find this balance between function and form, moving through your home will feel delightful.


#2: Fill your home with story and memory

You can add the rustic pieces and farmhouse tables to your house. But how you can really give your home that rich character that makes Joanna’s home so appealing is by understanding the bigger purpose behind interior design. 


Beyond just making an aesthetic space, designing a home tells a story of the people who live there. Fill your home with pieces that you love - ones that are attached to some of your favorite memories, places you’ve been, and the people who matter the most to you.


#3: Create a warm welcome

Little features like potted plants, lanterns, and front door mats will create a welcoming exterior to your home. And even if you have a very small entryway (or none at all), try to create a welcoming space right as you walk through your door. Set aside a spot to set down your keys, kick off your shoes, hang your purse, and leave the stress and the day at the door. This trick will transform a stark house into a warm and welcoming one. 


#4: Create a space that’s yours

In the Gaines’ Farmhouse, each member of the family has a little spot to call their own. When setting up your home, try to carve out a space where you can go at the end of the day to regroup and get inspired. 


But also, make your home work for the whole family. If you’re a parent, carve out family-friendly entertaining spots rather than designing a home so Pinterest-perfect that your kids can’t be kids. Try to create a home where everyone living there will want to go to unwind. 


#5: Go rustic

If you really want to style your home after the Gaines’ Farmhouse, keep things rustic. Joanna decorates her home with a blend of antique and modern elements. She also fills her home with creamy whites, clean blacks, and a pop of vintage color here and there. 


Try out a few of Joanna’s favorite paint colors like Shiplap, True White, or Magnolia Green. Keep things warm, neutral, and rustic. Shop for antiques. And if you can’t buy more furniture, repurpose what you’ve got! Check out this farmhouse table tutorial, or make furniture look distressed using Milk Paint. 

When decorating your new home, remember, it’s all about creating a space where memories are made and where everyone feels at home. Once you’ve mastered the interior design of your home, it’s time to step outside. Check out these 6 steps to boosting your home's curb appeal.